Kurt Oelschlagel founded Harriston Packing Co. in 1967 after coming to Canada from Germany and settling in Harriston, Ontario.

Kurt's family upbringing in the German meat trade, combined with his innate ability to connect with people and serve the needs of his customers, fuelled the success of the business. Fifty years on, the small-town family business continues to thrive by following the same principles, providing high quality local meats to retail and wholesale customers, as well as custom butchering, processing and co-packing services.

Today, the second generation of Harriston Packing Co. - Kurt’s sons Robert and Mark and daughter Barbara - carry on their father's philosophy of listening to customers and providing locally raised meat renowned for freshness, taste and quality. The Oelschlagels expanded the Harriston Packing Co. smokehouse operations in 2017 in response to growing demand for our signature pepperettes, summer sausage and other smoked products. Robert, Mark, Barbara are only too happy to share their expertise and detailed understanding with customers who want to know where their meat comes from, how it was raised, what it was fed and how best to prepare it for meals to remember.

Ensuring that we always deliver top-quality products to your family allows us to Bring Our Best.....to Your Table.