At Harriston Packing Co. we are pleased to offer custom slaughter, processing and butchering for local farms. We've been processing meat to farmers' specifications for over 50 years and are proud to provide this essential service to the local community. Please use the custom forms below to specify your order needs.


Harriston Packing Co. also has a long history of providing Co-packing Services for other industry-related businesses. Simply provide the raw materials to us and we will ensure that your product(s) is safely processed, packed and returned to your specifications. Services offered at our facility are as follows...

Slaughter, Butchering, Sausage Processing, Burger processing, Curing, Smoking & Co-packing


Harriston Packing Co. is proud to partner with local businesses to provide high-quality custom slaughter, processing and butchering and products for custom, retail, foodservice & restaurant needs.

For custom butchering, co-packing or wholesale inquiries, please contact or call 1 (519) 338 3330.