Harriston Packing Co. was established in 1967 when Kurt Oelschlagel came to Canada from Germany and opened an abattoir & butcher shop in the community of Harriston, Ontario. Kurt's family up-bringing in the German meat trade, combined with his innate ability to connect with people and meet their needs, fuelled his business growth. Fifty years later, the small-town family business has grown to offer high-quality custom, wholesale and retail meats.

The second generation of Harriston Packing Co. - sons Robert Oelschlagel and Mark Oelschlagel along with daughter Barbara - have maintained their father's philosophy of listening to the customer. Knowing customers buying habits and participating in local food trends have helped Harriston Packing Co. shape a new direction for the meat processing, wholesale and retail sectors in their community. Their unique involvement in all 3 sectors; custom, wholesale and retail has enhanced their knowledge base.

The Oelschlagel's are only too happy to oblige engaged consumers - assisting clients who want to know where their meat comes from, how it was raised and what it was fed. Continuing the family tradition of sourcing meat from local farmers and taking the time to explain product processing and answer customer questions is all part of the service Harriston Packing Co. has become known for. Buying locally grown meat guarantees the customer receives a fresher, tastier and more nutritious product.

Ensuring that we always deliver top-quality products to your family allows us to Bring Our Best.....to Your Table.