Harriston Packing Co. takes pride in making homestyle, traditionally cured deli meats.  From our very 'own' special recipe for traditional Black Forest Ham, to many German-style traditional deli meats such as Bierwurst and Schinckenwurst, our retail store offers a variety of fresh deli meats, cured meats and local cheeses. Our cured meats are prepared in the classic way from a selection of quality meats, spices and seasonings. 

Many of our cured meats are conveniently  "Ready to Eat" including Summer Sausage, Mini Pepperonis & soon to be released - NEW Beef Jerky.

TRADITIONAL SUMMER SAUSAGE - Prepared and cured in the classic way from a selection of quality meats and spices. Available in a 2lb or 5lb package.

MINI PEPPERONIS - Full of flavour, made with quality ingredients and naturally smoked. Choose from Regular, Honey-Garlic or Hot & Spicy. Approx. 10 pieces per pack. 

NEW! BEEF JERKY - Watch for this new product development from our Smokehouse. It's sure to be a huge hit!


At Harriston Packing Co. our retail store offers a variety of locally made cheeses to make your one-stop shopping even easier and more convenient. 

CHEESE VARIETIES  - from the Pine River Cheese & Butter Co-op in Ripley, ON... Mild, Medium, and Old Cheddars.

We also carry Mozzarella, Cheese Curds, Feta Cheese, Swiss Cheese, and Goat Cheese.



For your shopping convenience, Harriston Packing Co. offers an assortment of locally made pantry products to complement our deli meats and cheeses. Just a few of the products you will find on our shelves include local Maple Syrup, Jams and Jellies, Salsas, Preserves, Butters, Sauces (such as prepared Horseradish,) Grilling and Marinating Spices and so much more.....